Chardonnay Riserva Vigna Crivelli


Chardonnay – Alto Adige DOC

Yield per hectare

45 hl

Recommended pairings

fish and vegetable-based main courses, and white meats

Serving temperature

10 – 12 °C (50 – 54 °F)


8 – 10 years

Price on request

Chardonnay Riserva
Vigna Crivelli


This wine, full of character, comes from the selected vineyard of the Vigna Crivelli in the top location Punggl.


In this very individual vineyard, the vines are grafted to slow-growing rootstock and trained on traditional wire trellises (Guyot). This extraordinary Chardonnay flourishes under outstanding climatic conditions on a  stony, sandy and extremely chalky soil in the best vineyard zone of Magrè s.s.d.v. In the Vigna Crivelli, the ideal microclimate with wide ranging differences of day and night temperatures is additionally influenced by strong winds, deriving from Favogna. The favourable location of the vineyards, ideal sunshine, and the good ventilation of the berries assures the excellent quality of the grapes of this outstanding varietal.

Chardonnay Riserva
Vigna Crivelli


The grapes are pressed and the stems are removed in the pneumatic tank press. Before being pressed, a short cold maceration takes place in order to enhance the fruitiness of the wine.


Afterwards, the grapes are gently pressed and clarified through the natural settling of sediments. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in small casks of French oak in which this particular wine acquires complexity through its twelvemonth aging and ripening on the yeast. After bottling, several further months of aging takes place for completion before this unique white wine, furnished with its ultramodern bottle, goes on sale.