Pinot Bianco


Pinot Bianco – Alto Adige DOC

Yield per hectare

70 hl

Recommended pairings

Different starters, tureens and terrines, fish,
shellfish and crustaceans, white meat and poultry

Serving temperature

10 – 12 °C (50 – 54 °F)


2 – 3 years

Price on request

Pinot Bianco


This Pinot Bianco is a selection of the best vineyards of the valley floor and steep slopes near the vineyard estate.


It florishes under outstanding climatic conditions on a stony, sandy and extremely chalky soil. The poor yield per hectare and the particular terroir are responsible for the outstanding quality of the wine. The fascinating interplay between tradition and innovation, man and the surroundings, sense and sensuality finds expression in the passion and sensitivity with which Peter Zemmer brings this wine to life.

Pinot Bianco


After the grapes arrive, they are gently pressed and clarified through the natural settling of sediments.


The alcoholic fermentation is carried out with pure strains of yeast at a controlled temperature of 18 °C (64 °F) in stainless steel tanks. After several months of ripening on the yeast this elegant wine achieves its perfection.