Peter Zemmer Millesimato Brut


Chardonnay, Riesling

Yield per hectare

65 hl

Recommended pairings

Very good as an aperitif

Serving temperature

6 – 8 °C (43 – 46 °F)


2 – 4 years

Data sheet

Suggestions for a correct waste management
Bottle: Green glass | GL 71 | Glass waste collection
Cork: Cork | FOR 51 | Separate waste collection
Capsule: Polylaminated aluminium capsule | C/ALU 90 | Aluminium-metal waste collection
Wire cages for sparkling wine corks: Wire cage made of steel (4 wires) | FE 40 | Steel-metal waste collection
Packing box (for multiples of bottles): Cartons | PAP 20 | Cardboard waste collection
Cardboard box (2-3 bottles or magnum): Paper | PAP 20 | Paper waste collection
Wooden box: Wood | FOR 50 | Separate waste collection
Paper label: Labels attached to the front and back of bottles are not subject to separate disposal from the glass bottle.
Please check local program giude lines for waste collection.

Price on request

Peter Zemmer Millesimato Brut


The grapes of this sparkling wine flourish at an elevation of 450 meters (1,500 feet) above sea level.


The favourable location of the vineyards at Pochi, ideal sunshine, and the good ventilation of the berries give the grapes of this varietal an excellent acidity to sugar ration.

Peter Zemmer Millesimato Brut


Pressing, destemming, cooling of must and fermentation in steel tanks at a controlled temperature.


Second fermentation in “cuve close”. After that, the wine stays in the yeasts at a temperature of 14 degrees for a period between 6 and 9 months. Then the sparkling wine is separated from its yeats and cooled, it is bottled and kept in cellar for 3 months.