Gewürztraminer Frauenrigl


Gewürztraminer – Alto Adige DOC

Yield per hectare

50 hl

Recommended pairings

Crab, lobster, other shellfish, pâtés, and as an aperitif

Serving temperature

10 – 12 °C (50 – 54 °F)


5 – 6 years

Data sheet

Suggestions for a correct waste management
Bottle: Green glass | GL 71 | Glass waste collection
Cork: Cork | FOR 51 | Separate waste collection
Capsule: Tin capsule | TIN 42 | Aluminium-metal waste collection
Packing box (for multiples of bottles): Cartons | PAP 20 | Cardboard waste collection
Cardboard box (2-3 bottles or magnum): Paper | PAP 20 | Paper waste collection
Wooden box: Wood | FOR 50 | Separate waste collection
Paper label: Labels attached to the front and back of bottles are not subject to separate disposal from the glass bottle.
Please check local program giude lines for waste collection.

Price on request



Grafted to slow-growing rootstock and trained on traditional wire trellises (Guyot), this Gewürztraminer grows in the best vineyard zones in the valley floor around the center of Cortina s.s.d.v.


The favourable location of the vineyards on calcareous gravel with clay soil, ideal sunshine, and the good ventilation of the berries develop the best sides of the character of this varietal.



The grapes are pressed and the stems are removed in the pneumatic tank press. Before being pressed, a 6-8 hour long cold maceration takes place in order to enhance the fruitiness of the wine.


Afterwards, the grapes are gently pressed and clarified through the natural settling of sediments. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out with pure strains of yeast at a controlled temperature of 19 °C (66 °F).